That Gut Feeling

Your intuition is your guiding light. But most of us don’t listen to it. Or maybe you do, but how loud is it ? The more attention you pay to it the more attention it gives to you. Science can’t explain how intuition works and why it does. But it’s not some phenomenon it is our basic instinct. A glimpse into your third eye.
Your spirit is a part of you that seeks meaning and purpose. Every day we have a choice to whether we enhance that spirit or drain your spirit. The choices that present its self in the form of our intuition. Caroline Myss believes that ignoring our intuition leads us away from our life’s purpose and can cause serious damage to our spirit. She explained this belief in detail to Oprah on an episode of “Super Soul Sunday.”

“We have an intuitive voice in us. We are born intuitive,” Myss says. “We are so intuitive that it’s actually for most people the source of their greatest suffering.”

I believe Myss says this because you can hear when you betray yourself. You know as an adult when you are doing something you shouldn’t. That can be scary. Wether you are in a relationship with a man or woman that has no meaning and you know it, wether you should quit your job or move to a new city, you already know what is right and best for you ! Listen and obey your intuition. It is your divine self. That voice you don’t want to hear that never turns off.

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