Elli King; Noble Muse
Elli King; Noble Muse

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Often times, people confuse passion with craft. Passion is a strong a rarely controllable emotion. Craft is an activity or an occupation involving skill in making something worthy. I am not one of those people. Passion is something I possess naturally. The art of my craft is something I have worked hard at developing. My lust for life exudes from my pores. I’m passionate about quite a few subjects but one I have perfected as a craft is entertaining your curiosity and satiate your every desire. Some may call it seduction. With my piercing eyes, sun kissed, flawless, bronzed skin and with a flair.. I play my position well.

I am bold, yet elegant, and genuine. I’ve always been quick to laugh, and very much a social chameleon. is an exciting and beautiful outlet from the inevitable ennui of our daily life. And, if you are reading this then we just might share something in common…You will find that I’m an open-minded free-spirit who loves new adventures and experiences. I am the girl who can easily transform herself. I’ve been told that I am capable of charming and capturing an entire room while keep space for only you. I am Elli King


I have always been drawn to the world famous Paris Opera Ballet and theatre alike. I am a voracious reader and love the arts. One of my favorite stories is Romeo and Juliet. The long feud between the Montego and Capulet families whisked me into a world of fantasy that you and I will able to relate to.


Over the years I have a deep affection for traveling. learning my boundaries has always been important to me. Realizing I was capable at satisfying fantasies, making people feel wanted all while using my words is what brought me here. Creating ways to meet like minds has always been a goal of mine. Living in beautiful Florida while also traveling the world has helped me fulfill this goal. Apart from my unconventional hobby, my ambitions during the day include thriving in the creative industry as a career woman with many goals lined-up for the future  Above all, I like to be playful, have fun, and most importantly.. enjoy life for all it has to offer.


But enough about me,




You’re the kind of man that doesn’t have much time to deal with nuances. You know what you want and you know how to get it. You don’t take no for an answer and you are a hard worker. As to be expected. Those close may even refer to you as Boss. Why don’t you take a step away from your busy life to slow things down, and become more attuned to the pleasures of the senses. Let me be your gift– there are endless magical experiences waiting to be create. You need time to unwind and envelope yourself with the sensuality and love life has to offer you.


If you value exclusivity, discretion and crave quality interactions, then we are on our way to creating memories you’ll never forget..

-Elli King



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