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bal-ance / balens / noun; 1. an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.
2. a condition in which different elements areequal or in the correct proportions.

Its one thing to be able to define the word balance, but do you truly understand what it means to be in the constant state of it ? Sure I could say balance is the key to a happy life, its true, but this term is not something that comes easily for most. Learning how toachieve balance is where many of us find ourselves confused, but Im here to tell you that it is actually really simple. Monitoring your thoughts is one of the first steps. To achieve balance you first have to recognize why you lack it. Often times it is simply our thoughts we have to pay attention to. Do you think to yourself “Gosh I need balance in my life !!” ? I know many of us do. Guess what ! you ALREADY DO. recognize that first. You will never own what you don’t think you already have. Its really that simple. Take a look at the areas in your life you DO have balance.. and soonthis will overflow. Next thing you know, if you practice this often enough, you will have achieved the one thing you feel is impossible to have. Balance takes being poised, stabilized, and level headed in all that you do. It is constant practice. Compare and evaluate how you handle situations when they arise.

Do some internal reflecting, sit in meditation, or read a book. Simply doing this can solve some of your biggest internal mysteries. On the other hand, dont spend SO much time internalizing that you miss out ! Its okay to have some fun. Get out in nature and experience living. External balance is just as important as spending time alone. Acknowledge, Examine, Set goals, Plan tasks, Reflect, Prepare, Empower, Connect, then Plan. Following this plan has helped me and Im sure it can help you. Just remember not to beat yourself and you will achieve whatever it is your’e looking for.



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