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20 days down …345 days to go

With the New Year here and only about a week of January left, you may notice many people are already abandoning their resolutions. Lots of Americans dread the inevitable New Year Resolution – the cliché To lose weight, Find a better job, or do less of your favorite vice (unless thats me…lol) perhaps you have already fall flat, but it may just be you need different, maybe even more realistic goals. Instead of focusing on the outcome, why not focus on the process of achieving in 2014?! Here’s a few fool proof living habits you can adopt to make this new year a more positive and happy one.

Uno. Make time to make art. Or even if you just take a moment to observe art in different settings. Giving yourself different outlets to express yourself is good for the soul. Korean author Young-ha Kim says “there are hundreds of reasons why we can’t be artists right now, that is all the reasons we invent when we’re too scared or intimidated. We are all born artists.”

Dos. Have more sex. Need I say more ? The good endorphins that are released during mind blowing sex are enough to make all your troubles seem to disappear! The saying “love will find you when you least expect it” is nonsensical. Why not go for what you want right away ? Take the leap this year and find more time to explore your sexual side.

Tres. Walk more, sit less. It is said that Americans sit more than they sleep! Terrible for your health. it’s not realistic to think you’re going to become a gym rat overnight. The simple thought of just walking or standing a little more often is a good foot in the right direction. Quatro. Practice Gratefulness Everyday. The key to being happy is being grateful for what you already have. Although that’s easier said than done. It’s okay to want material things, but be sure you’re opening yourself to opportunities around you, and act on them. Do this as often as you can even if you have to write yourself reminders.

Cinco. Allow yourself the time to meet your goals. “Grit is passion and perseverance for very long term goals.” Psychologist Angela Duckworth says. “Grit is living life like a marathon rather than a sprint.” This type of attitude is essential for personal growth and success. Don’t expect things to happen overnight, but work daily towards what you want. These 5 simple acts plus always keeping a positive outlook will guarantee a great 2014.



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