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Rule No. 1 -Stay Classy

In today’s world there are so many stereotypes and stigmas which we face in order to feel some type of acceptance. As a young woman I feel the one thing I must keep in tact is my Class. Growing up I always questioned. ” What is expected of me ? How do I define myself as a lady?” I’ve come to realize that Class is simple..!

First off, have a positive aura. Many women I know walk around with their head high and a sassy attitude, but being a snob gets you nowhere. Practice keeping a smile on your face. A person full of negativity is not a pleasurable person to be with. This can be hard to do when when daily A lady should be a man’s escape. A person he can come to that will make his problems disappear. A woman that knows how to handle difficult situations with grace.
Second, Be confident with yourself. Everyone has a flaw they might want to hide, or a feature they’re not very keen to, but flaunt what you do have ! Be proud to be you and you will have a man who is confident and proud to stand next to you. Accept the small things you cannot change while working on what you can! Head to the gym and watch what you put in your body. The more you care for yourself the more someone else is willing to care for you.
Last but least, APPEARANCE. In my opinion appearance is a very big factor. We are very visual creatures and as long as you flaunt your best assets you will be sure to attract what you want to you. Try to dress to flatter your figure, be it your legs or even your shoulders. Try simple makeup, be clean and well groomed.

No class can not be bought but it can be easily practiced! 😉




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